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Kitchen and cooking embroidery designs

Man in the kitchen one colored embroidery design
$2.79 USD
Man in the kitchen one colored
Man in the kitchen one colored
Mm Inch Stitches
139 × 129 5.47 × 5.08 20169
149 × 138 5.87 × 5.43 21511
159 × 148 6.26 × 5.83 22472
169 × 157 6.65 × 6.18 24173
179 × 166 7.05 × 6.54 25596
Colors: 1

Where to find the machine embroidery design for the kitchen apron and towels

If you like to cook. Your creative potential is clearly expressed in delicious and various dishes with which you gladly treat everyone around you. If yes, you certainly can not do without kitchen accessories; aprons, napkins and towels. All of them are in large quantities present in your kitchen. Why do you need ordinary, not interesting towels if you have an embroidery machine. There are a lot of jewelry options. it all depends on your imagination and the amount of free time.

What you will find in our catalog of machine embroidery designs

  • Fruits and vegetables,
  • products and products with them,
  • cookware,
  • Coffee and tea,
  • cheerful inscriptions on the kitchen theme,
  • symbols of a holiday table,
  • Eastern cuisine,
  • cafe, bar and restaurant,
  • cocktails
  • symbols and signs for uniforms,
  • sea ​​food,
  • fast food.

It's easy to choose and download
All these designs and many others you can download in our large library of designs. Most of them are presented in 3-6 sizes and several popular formats. We take into account all wishes and regularly add new works to make our college relevant. Our main difference is the high quality of digitizing, modern styles and convenience of the internet shop Embroideres.com. From the moment of choosing design to the download, the user only separates 2-5 minutes. You do not need to choose the size or format, everything that is indicated on the page will be available to you immediately after payment. You can always change the format at any time. After all, the user can buy a new embroidery machine or use two.
Do not be afraid to make a mistake, we can always help and solve your problems. After all, our studio and online store Embroideres.com has been working in the machine embroidery industry for more than 20 years.

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